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Devon Carbon Plan Summary

This is a summary  of the Devon Carbon Plan, it’s shorter than the full document and provides details about the key parts of the Plan. Local policy makers who want to know how the Devon Carbon Plan can influence their work would benefit from this version.


Devon in the Future

4.1 Vision and Objectives

The vision developed in the Plan is of a resilient, net-zero carbon Devon where people and nature thrive. 

The eight objectives shown below demonstrate what the Plan needs to achieve by 2050 at the latest, alongside work to improve resilience to the changing climate through the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Climate Adaptation Plan. Indicators to monitor progress towards achieving these are proposed in Section 12 of the Plan. 

The implementation of the vision and its objectives brings opportunities to create a fairer, healthier, more resilient and more prosperous society. Some examples are described in Section 1.5 and further co-benefits of reducing carbon emissions are highlighted throughout the Plan. 

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