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Devon Carbon Plan

This is the full length Devon Carbon Plan all the background information, research and detail regarding how Devon can become net-zero across five intersecting themes. This version is best suited to anyone looking to learn about the full scope of the climate emergency in Devon, and how Devon will tackle this. 


Cross Cutting Themes

6.1 Introduction

The Net-Zero Task Force has looked at the whole picture to see how Devon can cut its emissions to net-zero and avoid the pitfalls from thinking about sectors in isolation. For example, switching off streetlighting to save energy without community consultation may make walking and cycling less attractive.  

This section explores the themes which are cross-cutting to all sections of the Plan and describes what needs to happen for those themes to achieve net-zero. It subsequently introduces a set of goals which need to be achieved to overcome issues that the Net-Zero Task Force has learned from the Thematic Hearings and the public Call for Evidence are barriers to achieving net-zero across all sectors. Actions are proposed to achieve the goals.

6.2 The Change Needed

6.2.1 Behaviour change and community engagement

6.2.2 Knowledge sharing, skills and learning

6.2.3 Spatial planning

6.2.4 Access to finance and resources

6.2.5 Procurement and commissioning 

6.2.6 Relationship with the Plan’s Themes

6.3 Other Opportunities and Benefits

6.4 Devon’s Goals to Meet Net-Zero

6.4.1 Goal CA – Devon Embraces Innovation to Achieve Net-Zero

6.4.2 Goal CB – Devon’s Communities Imagine and Deliver their Net-Zero Future

6.4.3 Goal CC – Devon’s Citizens Shape the Transition to Net-Zero

6.4.4 Goal CD – Spatial Planning Creates Places that Radically Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

6.4.5 Goal CE – Landscape Change Arising from the Net-Zero Challenge is Planned for Positively

6.5 Summary of the Actions

6.6 References

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