ParkLife is aiming to establish ten new meadows around the Totnes area between 2021 and 2024.

They state: ‘Britain has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows since the 1930s. Those that remain are often small and fragmented, so it is vitally important that they are conserved and enhanced, and new meadows created.’

Six of the meadows will be in brand new areas, and the other four will be created on areas of existing grassland.

The project will increase carbon sequestration in Devon, as meadows are valuable carbon sinks. Meadows will also create wildlife corridors, and support ecosystems by providing habitat for a variety of insects.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action F1.1: Identify opportunities for the protection, restoration, and creation of habitats that increase carbon sequestration and storage alongside bringing benefits for nature and people.