The Tamara Landscape Partnership is a 5 year project working to create a resilient Tamar Valley, where people & nature thrive! Together, the Partnership will lead 10 different projects that will work with local farmers, landowners and organisations to improve and protect the Tamar Valley’s beautiful landscapes. There are multiple partners involved in this project, of whom several are part of the Devon Climate Emergency Partnership.

One of the 10 projects will explore innovative new ideas such as mining technology, the market gardening industry and inventive forestry techniques, looking to create a more sustainable future. Another project will support market gardening enterprises, community allotments and look at the feasibility of establishing new markets through promoting local, heritage varieties. Creating a market for locally, sustainably produced foods from the Tamar Valley is one way in which this partnership will be contributing to the Devon Carbon Plan.

Working with farmers, landowners and communities, the Partnership will mitigate the impacts of climate change. Actions include improving water quality, planting trees and restoring hedgerows and supporting the introduction of new agricultural-environmental schemes such as the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS).

The project will also improve sustainable, integrated transport and access into and through the Scheme area, including establishing a coast to coast, long-distance walking route and exploring the options of reinstating a ferry at Caldstock.

Efforts to support local businesses to develop their digital presence and elevate public awareness of the Tamar Valley will work towards the Tamar Valley becoming a sustainable tourism hub. Alongside increasing sustainable tourism, the project will increase the opportunities for employment. Foundation, internship and apprenticeship training opportunities will offer access to training and link the rural and urban populations of the Tamar Valley. Barriers to participation will be removed through tailored bursaries and pastoral care, supporting anyone from any background to participate.

tamar valley area of outstanding natural beauty

This project aims to reach all communities in the Tamar Valley. There will be a focus on helping people engage with the landscape both creatively and therapeutically, to improve mental and physical wellbeing through connecting with nature.

If you are interested in getting involved with this project, you can find out more here.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action F14.1: Support the development of attractive central local food retail areas.

Action F14.2: Provide support for intermediaries to bring together local produce in food hubs, support processing and perform marketing.

Action F14.4: Promote a balanced diet, in line with the government’s Eatwell Guide and reconnect people with the origin and seasonality of food through “grow, cook, eat” programmes. 

Action T3: Continue to make use of funding opportunities to provide employment and community assets across Devon, particularly where the market is unlikely to provide this, in order to minimise the need to travel for access to services.

Action T15: Help to develop innovative transport solutions in rural areas.

This project meets goals across several sections of the Devon Carbon Plan. Landscape improvements will help to restore and enhance habitats so that they fulfil their natural potential for carbon sequestration and storage. The project partnership will also work with the local community to develop a resilient local economy by developing the Tamar Valley as a hub of sustainable tourism.