The NFU, a DCE partner, are recognising the positive steps their members are taking to make their farms net-zero by 2040. In the lead up to COP26, the union is encouraging farmers and growers to commit to taking actions that will help agricultural production as a whole being net-zero by 2040.

Farms from across the nation, including lots in Devon, have pledged their commitment to take action. Actions include improving hedgerows and grasslands, preventing compacted soils, increasing energy efficiency and installing renewable energies such as biomass.

View their net-zero pledge map here.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action F5: Support development of on-farm bio-methane collection from agricultural wastes to supply bio-methane for farm machinery. 

Action F9: Work with the NFU and other representatives of the farming community to encourage approaches to conserve and rejuvenate soil carbon (organic matter) e.g. through ELMS.