As part of their net-zero commitments North Devon, Torridge, South Hams and West Devon councils and a group of partner organisations are coming together to encourage us to take individual action to reduce our carbon footprints.

From the 12th to the 21st March people across Devon took part in a competition to ‘spring clean’ their carbon footprint. Often, actions that reduce your carbon emissions also improve your quality of life. For example, properly insulating your home minimises wasted energy, causing a drop in your bills and household emissions – a win-win! You can find out more here.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action R1: Deliver ongoing, targeted communication and engagement to: empower all social groups in Devon to act on the impacts of how things are made and distributed, promote more sustainable consumption habits, the prevention of waste (particularly food) and shift to a culture of reduction, reuse and recycling. [Cross Cutting Theme: Behaviour transformation and community engagement]

R4: Encourage the consumption of low carbon experiences, such as the arts, nature, education and social care, rather than material consumption. [Cross Cutting Theme: Finance, economy and resource access]

F14.4: Promote a balanced diet, in line with the government’s Eatwell Guide and reconnect people with the origin and seasonality of food through “grow, cook, eat” programmes. 

To succeed in achieving a net-zero Devon, we need everyone to be involved. Citizens’ have an important role to play and this campaign has shown participants that a low-carbon lifestyle leads to an improved quality of life.