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Sustainable Tiverton has a new Youth Development Worker to support young people around climate breakdown and future sustainability. They are linking up with young people already doing fantastic work locally and tracking down youth-led ideas from across the world to inspire new local action. 

Over the next 6-months, they will work out what action young people would like to get involved in making Sustainable Tiverton more youth centred, then help work up ideas and identify resources for projects. 

Wendy Rickard from Sustainable Tiverton described the broader vision as to: 

  • “Listen to the concerns young people have about their lives, their futures (be it how we use public space, jobs and money, meeting and making friends) and links with climate change
  • harness young people’s refreshing energy and ideas to make those who currently set climate agendas respond 
  • disentangle some of the vexing issues that surround climate action and inaction in the Tiverton area and get a clearer view of where youth opportunity and passion fits
  • enable young people to be part of both the climate conversation and projects of their making to do things differently for a more sustainable future 
  • honestly evaluate what needs to happen to give young people a louder voice on climate futures
  • help make a green transition thinkable, achievable and desirable for young people.”

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How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?   

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