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South West Water is launching a trial initiative to address customer leaks by distributing 6,000 ‘LeakBots’ to households in Devon and Cornwall. These devices, which can detect continuous water flow, will alert homeowners via smartphone if a leak is detected. If customers cannot fix the leak themselves, the company will provide free repair services.

This initiative aims to reduce a significant number of leaks occurring on customers’ properties. South West Water employs various technologies, including satellites and drones, to tackle leaks in the region. The CEO of Ondo, the company behind LeakBot, anticipates significant reductions in water wastage through this program.

Fresh water is a limited resource, and conserving water helps ensure enough for human needs and for various ecosystems. Reducing water consumption reduces the strain on rivers, lakes, and aquifers, which are crucial for sustaining biodiversity and supporting the environment. Climate change is projected to result in reduced summer rainfall in the southwest, increasing the likelihood and length of droughts and causing greater water scarcity. Therefore, effectively managing water resources is more important than ever.

How Is This Helping Devon Adapt To Climate Change?

BIB3 Improve water management (reduce / reuse).

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