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South West Water’s Net Zero Pioneers are a group of dedicated employees who are on a mission to support the wider business aim of becoming Net Zero by 2030 as well as promoting these aims to our colleagues.

At their first seminar in November 2021, the Pioneers received an overview of the global and national policies for carbon reduction and how these apply to South West Water and its Net Zero Plan, as well as training to become ‘carbon literate’.

One of South West Water’s key Net Zero goals is to use 100% renewable electricity and to maximise self-generation from renewables at our over 60 sites across the South West.

They are planning to achieve this by:

  • Investing in new renewable energy schemes appropriate to their needs
  • Optimising their existing renewable energy plants
  • Collaborating with new or existing third-party projects that neighbour their treatment works
  • Working with third party energy suppliers in sourcing green electricity from the electricity grid

At their second session, the Pioneers looked at South West Water’s Zero Carbon Vehicle Strategy, which aims to have a carbon neutral fleet by 2050.  With approximately 1000 vehicles, South West Water operates the 50th largest fleet in the country.  There is a wide range of vehicles necessary to cover the various tasks and cope with the varied geography of our region.  Look out for one of the 53 electric vehicles included in the first ‘pilot’ fleet!

South West Water's Net-Zero Pioneers posing for a photograph in a conference room.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

The partners of the Devon Climate Emergency are reducing their own greenhouse gas emissions alongside initiatives to help communities do the same.

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