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symbol of electric car painted on road

Photo from Michael Marais – Unsplash

South Hams District Council is taking various actions to tackle the climate emergency, in line with their ambition to become a net-zero organisation by 2030.

Solar panels, costing £500,000, will be installed on all four of the Council’s leisure centres. This will save 131 tonnes of carbon dioxide: the equivalent of decarbonising 38 homes.

Other actions include the decision to decarbonise the council’s vehicle fleet, as well as planting a further 2.5 hectares of wildflowers across the district to complement the 2.2 hectares of trees that were planted recently.

South Hams District Council staff have undertaken Carbon Literacy Training awarding them recognition as a bronze level Carbon Literate organisation.

To understand how South Hams District Council intends to reach net-zero by 2030, you can read their Action Plan and Climate and Biodiversity Strategy here.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero

Action T35. DCE partners and organisations in the County to transition their fleets to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles. 

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