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The four-year River Teign Restoration project is working to improve the river Teign for migratory fish species, with a focus on salmon and seatrout.

A volunteer workforce helps to improve the habitat, as well as raising awareness of the river’s importance for wildlife and the key pressures causing fish declines. People are encouraged to join in via art instalments, volunteer days, guided walks, workshops, theatrical performances and the production of a book.

To get the project started in 2021, the Teign Angling and Conservation Association formed an alliance with the National Trust, Environment Agency, West Country Rivers Trust, Peter Randall-Page and MED Theatre and a successful application was made to the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It will continue to run until at least 2025.

Find out more about volunteering and latest project news.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?   

Action F23.6. Encourage behaviour change by enhancing public awareness of behaviours and activities that damage marine and coastal habitat.

Action F24. Develop more whole-catchment improvement projects.

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