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The Environment Agency has approved plans for a new coastal defence scheme for Sidmouth. The scheme will cost £20m and is backed by £16m of government funding, with £2.25m allocated by East Devon District Council (EDDC) and additional contributions from Devon County Council.

The plans include new offshore breakwaters, raising the level of East Beach and a new rock groyne.

EDDC anticipate that the project would protect approximately 200 residential and commercial properties from sea flooding and coastal erosion.

Further work on the design of the defences will now take place, as well as a public consultation, before the project is submitted for planning approval.

For more information, visit the Sidmouth and East Beach Management Plan and Scheme webpages on EDDC’s website.

The image shows a visualisation of how the rock groynes might look, from Sidmouth and East Beach Management Plan.

How Is This Helping Devon Adapt To Climate Change?

This project will contribute to Action HBEX-9 in the Climate Adaptation Strategy – Policymakers to ensure that where publicly funded schemes are promoted to provide resilience to coastal erosion/flooding, that they are developed with regard to the predicted long term, climate-change driven coastal changes, and that they incorporate/are contextualised within an understanding of/plans for future adaptation needs.

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