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Two orphaned beavers are settling into their new home at Poole Farm, Plymouth, after being spared from culling in Scotland. Their introduction is part of Plymouth City Council’s Green Minds project which aims to connect people with urban wild spaces.

The beavers will be monitored to gain an understanding of their behaviour and the resulting landscape changes. It is hoped that their presence will help reduce downstream flooding and increase biodiversity.

They have been homed in a large enclosure which underwent reinforcement after a previous attempt to establish beavers at the site ended in a beaver escaping due to storm damage.

Photo by Denitsa Kireva

How Is This Helping Devon Adapt To Climate Change?

This project will contribute to Action INFB–1 in the Climate Adaptation Strategy – Develop joint strategies, research, and longer-term schemes with SWW and Catchment Partnerships (and other risk management partners where appropriate) to improve catchment management both for high flow areas at flood risk and protect low flow by reducing demand / drought impacts.

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