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North Devon Council has revoked the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) for Braunton, marking a key milestone in the district’s efforts to enhance air quality. Braunton, previously the only AQMA in the North Devon Council area, has seen consistent air quality improvements over the past five years.

This decision follows five consecutive years where Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels have been more than 10% below the exceedance level. This improvement is largely due to reduced transport emissions, driven by advancements in vehicle emissions technology and the growing use of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The council acknowledges that air pollution, particularly from diesel vehicle particulates, remains a concern, but views this achievement as a significant step forward. North Devon Council remains committed to further improving air quality, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting sustainability throughout the district.

A spokesperson for North Devon Council, stated: “Revoking the AQMA in Braunton is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our community and partners. While this is a moment to celebrate, we recognise that our journey towards better air quality and sustainability continues. We look forward to working closely with our residents and businesses to build on this success.”

To sustain this progress, the council is developing a new district-wide Air Quality Strategy. This initiative aims to address broader pollution concerns and will involve active engagement with residents and businesses to ensure a collaborative approach to maintaining and enhancing air quality standards in North Devon.

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