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The National Farmers Union (NFU), a DCE partner, have launched their new NFU Tree Strategy which highlights the importance of right tree, right place. This strategy ensures that the right tree species are selected, appropriately sourced to match the location, and maximises successful long-term objectives. Importantly it also recognises the importance of land for food production. Tree species, soil type, location and exposure to weather are all necessary factors that need to be considered.

The NFU’s Tree Strategy also sets out other key aspects that must be considered when government is developing new tree planting policy:

  • Recognition of the importance of bringing existing woodland back into active management.
  • The need for the government to address existing barriers to tree planting, particularly existing tenancy clauses which prevent 30% of our agricultural land from engaging in tree planting.
  • The need for increased recognition and incentives for trees outside of woodland, which contribute hugely to our natural environment and act as important carbon sinks.

To find out more head to the NFU website.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Goal 11.5: Restore and enhance habitats and soils so that they fulfil their natural potential for carbon sequestration and storage

Action F9: Work with the NFU and other representatives of the farming community to encourage approaches to conserve and rejuvenate soil carbon (organic matter) e.g. through ELMS.

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