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offshore wind

Offshore Wind. Photo credit: Nichloas Doherty

Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) could have great benefits for the south west, according to a new study undertaken on behalf of the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Forum, Devon County Council, North Devon Council & Torridge District Council.

The research, carried out by Regen, assessed the economic opportunities FLOW presents for Devon and Somerset, as well as the wider UK.

Regen discovered that, whilst fixed offshore wind development would not be possible in the celtic sea owing to seabed depths, floating offshore wind is viable in the region. Development of FLOW in the Celtic Sea could help the government reach its target of meeting 60% of the offshore wind supply chain from within the UK by 2030.

Floating Offshore Wind also presents a fantastic economic opportunity for the Southwest, as the skills needed in the supply chain are transferable between marine engineering and offshore renewable energy sector applications.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero

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Goal ED. Low Carbon Energy Becomes Affordable and is Attractive for Investors

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