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New Marsh Barton Railway Station

Work on the new railway station at Marsh Barton in Exeter is progressing quickly. The station will be located near the Energy from Waste facility, on the eastern side of Marsh Barton and will improve public transport links in the area. It is being delivered in collaboration with Devon County Council, a DCE partner.

Vegetation has been cleared, existing buildings and utilities protected, and a site compound and access road have been created ready for the next phase to begin in June. In order for construction to be carried out safely Clapperbrook Lane East will be closed to vehicles from 1 June 2021 to 15 July 2022.The new Marsh Barton station is being delivered by Graham Construction Ltd and will serve communities living on the rail line in Exeter, Teignbridge, Torbay and East Devon. It will also include the development of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge, which will connect the station and improve safer, active travel choices for work, education and leisure trips between Alphington, Marsh Barton and the Riverside Valley Park and Exe Estuary.

Updated 26/06/23:

The station is now constructed and will open to the public on Tuesday 4th July 2023.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action T25: Through the Peninsula Sub-National Transport Body, work with government to improve strategic and branch line rail infrastructure and services, including reviewing the reopening of lines and increasing access to rail and integration with other modes of transport. Work with government for required funding.

The new railway station and pedestrian and cycle bridge at Marsh Barton will provide more sustainable transport choices for the 7000 people employed there and is helping Devon reduce its emissions from transport.

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