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The South West Peatland Partnership (SWPP) is undertaking a £13 million project to restore peat bogs on Dartmoor, aiming to reverse habitat loss. Peat, rich in carbon storage, has been degraded due to various factors, including industry, ordnance testing, and climate change.

The partnership is implementing measures such as blocking gullies and creating pools of water to raise the water table within the peat, slowing water release to mitigate flooding and drought while capturing carbon. This effort involves collaboration among organisations like South West Water, Dartmoor National Park Authority, the National Trust, and Exmoor National Park Authority. The project also sheds light on Dartmoor’s industrial past and supports biodiversity, attracting species like wading birds.

Restoration work is carried out with careful consideration for environmental protection, including halting activities during nesting bird seasons and using specialised equipment to minimise habitat disturbance.

How Is This Helping Devon Reach Net-Zero?   

Goal FD.  The Potential for Land to Address the Climate and Ecological Emergencies is Being Used to Maximum Effect

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