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Moor Meadows Dartmoor have launched the Meadow-Makers’ Forum, a place to share information and advice about creating wildflower meadows. Anyone can ask a question and receive an answer from other meadow-makers. The forum also acts as an online hub for the creation and development of new local meadows groups under the umbrella name Moor Meadows. New groups are forming in West Devon, South Hams and East Devon, and a new group for Exmoor has been backed by Exmoor National Park Authority.

Moor Meadows Dartmoor has more than 800 members who collectively manage over 1,100 acres of wildflower meadow in and around Dartmoor National Park. They are on a mission to show that every field, paddock, churchyard, road verge and garden that can be converted to a well-managed meadow are a vital space for nature’s recovery.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Goal FD: The Potential for Land to Address the Climate and Ecological Emergencies is Being Used to Maximum Effect

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