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heat network construction material

The UK Government’s Heat Network Investments Project (HNIP) have awarded over £10.7 million of funding to East Devon, in order to develop an Energy from Waste heat network in Cranbrook. Currently, homes in Cranbrook are connected to the heat network that services Skypark – a nearby business park.

This new development will enable the Cranbrook/Skypark to be connected to a forthcoming Energy from Waste Plant, meaning homes will be heated sustainably. The new development will supply heat to 3,500 homes and 1.4m sq ft commercial space and Monkerton/Tithebarn which will connect 4,600 homes and 800k sq ft commercial space.

The interconnection of these networks will enable the bulk supply of heat to both networks including all necessary resilience and back up. The project will also support the planned expansion of Cranbrook to circa 8,000 houses through enabling the delivery of a Future Homes Standard compliant energy solution. 

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero

Action E1.7. Appraise the potential for low carbon heat networks in new development to make best use of existing heat producers e.g. the Energy from Waste facility in Exeter, and as a retrofit opportunity in off-gas areas.

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