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Green Innovation Fund

In October 2021, Devon County Council launched a £900,000 Green Innovation Fund capable of awarding up to £200,000 for individual projects designed to support those taking new approaches to clean growth, and aiding various industries in achieving net-zero.

Reaching Net Zero in Devon requires innovation, to develop new products, services, and concepts which expand and build upon existing ideas for reducing our environmental impact. From Agri-tech, renewable energy, and electric vehicle technology to eco-tourism and hospitality opportunities, there are a range of industries that can transition into the low carbon sector through innovation. The Green Innovation Fund will invest in projects which establish Devon as a leader in green technologies. The projects must produce measurable outputs, such as job creation or tonnes of carbon saved.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action R26: Support immature industries with the potential to contribute to delivering a net-zero Devon.

Action C1: Foster innovation in technologies, institutions, business models, policy design and behaviour to achieve net-zero.

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