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This October Future Plymouth 2030 is planning a second series of webinars inviting guests to participate in constructive discussions about Plymouth’s future sustainability efforts. With a host of topics being showcased – from retrofitting and property development to biodiversity increase and carbon sequestration – their programme of event is an amazing opportunity to engage with the expertise that will guide Plymouth’s future.

To deliver these high-level webinars, Future Plymouth has collaborated with a range of partners and guest speakers. The line up currently includes 47 different academics and experts from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, each of whom brings specific insights from their relevant industry.

Whilst the programme for this “season 2” isn’t yet finalized, you can watch the original series on Future Plymouth’s YouTube channel.

Read more about Future Plymouth’s programme here.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action C2: “support community groups and cultural creatives to develop local net-zero visions, to imagine a decarbonized devon collectively and in detail”

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