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The UK’s first shore-side charging facilities for electric maritime vehicles has been unveiled in Plymouth, along the perimeter of Plymouth Sound National Marine Park.

The installation includes the world’s first 150kW charging facility at Mount Batten, the UK’s first 75kW site at Queen Anne’s Battery, and a 25kW installation at the Barbican landing stage.

Aiming to provide electric charging facilities every ten miles along Devon and Cornwall’s southern coast, plans for more charging points are already being developed along the cities waterfront, and additional sites for chargers are being identified elsewhere.

The charging facilities have been developed as a direct response to the UK Government’s ambitions to achieve maritime net zero, and to increase the UK’s current percentage of clean electricity to 100% by 2035.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Devon to lead the way in one of the UK’s most challenging sectors. Protecting, restoring and enhancing our marine environments will be essential in the fight against climate change, with thriving oceans providing new opportunities to sequester greenhouse gas emissions, and support nature recovery.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?   

Action T34 – Provide electric charging infrastructure in harbours and marinas.

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