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Throughout May, The BIG FIX event aims to breathe new life into broken items. Skilled volunteers repair items like electrical equipment, bikes, clothing and jewellery, fostering sustainability and saving money. Now a nationwide initiative for the fourth time, with 60 Repair Cafés participating, it aims to empower people with repair skills for the future. It is coordinated by Devon County Council.

Repairing broken items instead of buying new ones reduces climate change by avoiding the materials and energy used to create new items and the environmental cost of disposing of waste.

Repair Cafés, run by volunteers, are gaining popularity as people embrace budget and eco-consciousness. Last year’s event saw 83 Repair Cafés and 800 volunteers mend 2,761 items, saving 48 tonnes CO2e.

This year, The BIG FIX 2024 runs throughout May, encouraging more Repair Cafés to participate.

Devon is home to a number of pop-up repair cafes. Find your nearest location and check their open times at Recycle Devon

How Is This Helping Devon Reach Net-Zero?   

Goal EA. A Culture of ‘Enoughness’ is Created.

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