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Exeter City Council have begun their new food waste collection scheme in Alphington, where leaving out food waste has now become part of their weekly recycling. Each household received a new 23 litre kerbside caddy, as well as a grey kitchen caddy.

Currently serving 1,300 households, this scheme is due to be rolled out across Exeter, increasing municipal recycling levels and decreasing food waste emissions. The collected waste will be transported to a nearby plant, where it will be turned into soil improver whilst producing gas and electricity.

A timetable is currently being developed for the rest of Exeter, and future expansions to this service will be communicated with residents when appropriate.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action R8: Achieve a 65% municipal waste recycling rate by 2035. To do so, local authorities and commercial waste carriers to separately collect a wider variety of materials for recycling (including food waste) and household waste collection systems to be harmonised across Devon as far as viable.

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