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Torbay Council has announced that they are building nine affordable rent homes, which are due to be completed by November 2022. These homes will be built with heat pumps installed, meaning they won’t be relying on fossil fuels for heating. Put simply, heat pumps take cold air from outside and warm it up before feeding it into a building. Although they use a small amount of electricity to run, they are highly efficient and do not rely on burning fossil fuels to create heat. You can read more about heat pump technology here.

There is still time to apply for a grant to install a heat pump or similar renewable energy measures into your home through the UK government’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Check their eligibility criteria to see whether you are able to apply. Applications close in March 2022.

For advice about heating your home and saving money this winter, you can also speak to Cosy Devon, where you can find information about the new Heat Devon scheme, which awards up to £10,000 towards the installation of energy efficiency measures for those on an income of less than £30,000/year.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

This new measure implements action B11 of the Devon Carbon Plan: ‘South West to promote its status to government as the leading region on low-carbon buildings, including embodied carbon, founded on the low-carbon buildings already here and “anchor institutions” commitments to zero-carbon, nature-friendly new build and retrofit‘.

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