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The Exeter Development Fund is an ongoing project to deliver a public sector funding stream established to create sustainable development opportunities in Exeter. The current housing market relies on the transfer of public land into private ownership, and building standards are driven by market pressure, rather than a desire to create healthy and sustainable homes for Devon’s residents. As of September 2021, the project has currently outlined an Investment Prospectus, which details their Housing Delivery Programme. The Exeter Development Fund commits to building 12,000 new homes that are not only energy-efficient, but renewably powered, affordable, and in neighbourhoods that are well-connected, car-free and full of community facilities. The next stage is to create a detailed business case, and complete modelling for transport and energy transition so that investors can better understand how the project aims to deliver on its commitment to renewable energy.

This project marks a revolutionary reconsideration of how our homes and communities are developed. The Exeter Development Fund may prove to be a successful model to inspire other public-sector community development projects elsewhere in the UK. Read more about the Exeter Development Fund.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action C5: Work with government on greater guidance on how to shape places in ways that contribute to radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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