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man in orange overalls working on a building site

The Environment Agency has trialled the use of a low-carbon concrete as part of the Par and St Blazey Flood Alleviation Scheme in Cornwall. This is a Net-Zero pilot project to trial low-carbon construction as part of the Environment Agency’s commitment to achieving net-zero by 2030.

Instead of using standard concrete to reinforce one of the flood walls, a low-carbon alternative called CIIIB was used, which produced 48% less greenhouse gasses overall. The project saved 26 tonnes of greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere: the equivalent of driving an average car 86,0000 miles.

The Environment Agency are working hard to embed five low-carbon principles throughout their work. These include:

  1. Low carbon option selection
  2. Zero carbon in operation
  3. Low carbon construction sites
  4. Low carbon concrete
  5. Zero waste to landfill

In future, they hope to use an even more environmentally-friendly concrete solution called Cemfree, which gives a 74% carbon reduction.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action C1: Foster innovation in technologies, institutions, business models, policy design and behaviour to achieve net-zero.

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