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A strategic food partnership for Devon has been established to enable collaboration and open communications with food stakeholders across the county. The partnership is a joint initiative and its vision and development are driven by a variety of organisations.

 The aim of the Devon Food Partnership is to ensure that nutritious, affordable, local, sustainably produced food is available for everyone in Devon. They support the development of a localised, sustainable food system and to tackle the issues of food poverty, diet-related ill health, food waste and unsustainable farming practices.

Connecting organisations across Devon, the partnership looks at six key food themes, including ‘food for the planet’ which will tackle the climate and nature emergency through sustainable food and farming and an end to food waste. Achieving this will help Devon reduce emissions, by increasing access to foods good for our health and with lower environmental costs.

Find out more and follow the progress of the Partnership over on their website.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action F1: Support the Devon Food Partnership.

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