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A washing machine-sized data centre, provided by start-up Deep Green, is being used to heat a public pool in Exmouth Leisure Centre.

Computers inside a box are surrounded by oil to capture the heat and the hot oil is pumped into a heat exchanger to warm the water in the pool. Enough heat is produced to heat the pool to around 30C 60% of the time. Around 96% of the heat generated by a Deep Green ‘digital boiler’ is recycled.

This innovative solution will reduce the pool’s gas requirements by 62%, saving LED Community Leisure, who manage the centre on behalf of East Devon District Council (EDDC), over £30,000 a year and reduce carbon emissions by 25.8 tonnes.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?   

Action C1. Foster innovation in technologies, institutions, business models, policy design and behaviour to achieve net-zero.

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