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Covid-19 Economy and Business Recovery


DCE has been working closely with Team Devon to ensure the Covid-19 Economy and Business Recovery Prospectus is centered on a green and just recovery. Team Devon includes local authorities, key public sector agencies and businesses and community stakeholders. This prospectus sets out Devon’s shared vision for economic recovery over the next 3 years.

The plan incorporates many of the suggestions raised in the call for evidence (thematic hearings and public submissions) to ensure the recovery process is one that also supports pathways to net-zero.

Read the full plan or we’ve summarised the key green aspects below, split into 4 main sections.

Support for businesses

  • Implement enhanced programmes of digital business support and digital skills
  • Support inclusive growth and community wealth building
  • Maximise Devon’s sustainable tourism, hospitality & leisure potential
  • Maximise Devon’s sustainable agriculture & food potential
  • Stimulate Innovation in the Environmental Technology, Agri-tech and Health and Care sectors
  • Develop and promote a clean, sustainable economy

Support for city, towns and rural communities

  • Digital infrastructure investment
  • Improve transport connectivity and housing
  • Develop and secure investment for a city / town set of renewal plans
  • Develop a natural capital programme
  • Invest in renewable energy infrastructure

Support for our people and workforce

  • Seek to secure £10m towards a Green Skills Development Package for Devon,
  • Secure up to £20m of additional innovation and skills development opportunities working with the County’s Universities and Colleges,

Support for our opportunities

Green recovery

  • Roll out an ambitious Domestic Energy Efficiency and Energy Generation Pilot
    • Develop a Carbon In-setting Pilot
    • Low Carbon Business Support Programme.

Clean mobility

  • Establish a Centre for Clean Mobility at Exeter Science Park
  • Champion a SMART Aviation Cluster and Freeport Proposal
  • Seek Government support of £1.83m for a comprehensive and future-proofed Electric Vehicle and Shared Mobility infrastructure network across 58 of Devon’s communities with a population of over 1,100
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