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zero-carbon buildings, solar panels and farming side-by-side, a hydrogen power plant
map of the area of the west of east devon

The Clean Growth Vision for the West of East Devon paints a new and exciting picture of how the transition to a net-zero economy could look in this part of Devon. Committing to net-zero carbon development, whilst enhancing biodiversity and supporting the health and wellbeing of local communities, the vision is set out across five key themes:

1. Redefining how we live and work well

Set within the context of the Clyst Valley Regional Park the West of East Devon has significant opportunity to deliver low impact, local but connected living, creating highly-desirable places closely linked to their natural landscape.

2. Energy from Nature

Our vision is to be leaders in clean energy infrastructure, utilising our natural resources to be net exporters of energy.

3. Invest & Learn

Our vision is for a thriving innovation ecosystem, world-leading skills offer and active learning through demonstrators.

4. Inclusive Growth

Our ambition is to create a platform for new opportunity open to all, while ensuring the benefits of growth are felt widely.

5. Zero-Carbon Place-Making

Our vision is for homes and places in the West of East Devon to
be delivered in partnership with nature, embracing ambitious zero carbon place-making objectives. Our vision for the West of East Devon will ensure that every home is designed to be net-zero carbon and to create a sustainable, net-zero carbon community, that gives residents and businesses a genuine alternative to the private car.

These steps will help the West of East Devon become a ‘Carbon Leader’ blazing the trail for the net-zero transition. The document will be used during the development of new Local Plans for the area, and it is hoped that this will mark a way forward for other Local Authorities seeking to reach their net-zero targets.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action F6. Support immature industries with the potential to contribute to delivering a Net-zero Devon.  

Goal 9.8: Devon finds ways to accelerate the delivery of quality, Net-zero new building ahead of national ambition. 

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