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Churches in Devon participating in the Give 2 Go Green pilot scheme have successfully raised £85,000 out of their £97,000 goal in just four weeks.

The project, run by the Church of England’s Giving Team, involves match-funding to help parishes make net zero improvements to their buildings. Sixteen churches in Devon are currently fundraising, with the Church of England nationally committing to match the funds raised up to an agreed grant amount. The Diocese of Exeter, piloting the project with the Diocese of Leeds, aims to assess the effectiveness of match-funded digital giving for decarbonizing churches and church halls. The initiative supports various improvements, including LED lights, solar PV, infrared heating, roof and window repairs, insulation, and secondary glazing.

Churches are engaging in creative fundraising campaigns, such as film nights, games nights, sponsored walks, and even a teddy bear parachute jump! The Diocese of Exeter plans to achieve net zero by 2030, and the Give 2 Go Green project is part of a national effort to audit and implement carbon-saving measures in churches and schools.

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