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Promoting Renewable Energy in Agriculture – AgroRes


DCE Partner, Devon County Council, is working on the joint EU-funded AgroRes Project which is increasing renewable energy in the agriculture sector. AgroRes raises awareness of the benefits of investing in renewable energy in agriculture and promotes conversations with stakeholders to overcome previous barriers.

The agricultural sector accounts for almost 10% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, mainly for food production and transport. While there is an enormous potential to produce renewable energy on farms due to the availability of wind, sun, biomass and agricultural waste, important barriers and challenges remain.                                    

Recent studies have proven that the main barriers identified by farmers to produce renewable energy are: 

  • complex permit and subsidy procedures
  • high investment costs
  • limited access to credit and doubts about the profitability

Subsidies and feed-in tariffs are key factors in encouraging farmers to shift towards more sustainable production and use of energy. AgroRES will support this sector and farmers across Devon by solving its energy needs in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

How is this helping Devon reach net-zero?

Action F8. Support development of on-farm anaerobic digestion of agricultural wastes. 

Action R5. Support immature industries and new models that have the potential to contribute to delivering net-zero.

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