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Over 10,000 trees are being planted in Devon this winter as part of the Local Authority Treescapes Fund’s inaugural season. ParkLife South West, a local not-for-profit social enterprise, is aiding in the community planting scheme.

Additionally, 2,250 trees are being planted by landowners and communities through the Free Tree scheme. 2024 marks the final year of support from The Woodland Trust’s Emergency Tree Fund. Since launching the Free Tree Scheme in 2019, over 48,200 trees have been planted, contributing to efforts to achieve carbon net zero.

Devon County Councillor Andrea Davis, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, highlighted the positive impact of these initiatives on Devon’s landscapes, wildlife, and carbon emissions reduction efforts.

How Is This Helping Devon Reach Net-Zero?   

Goal FD – The Potential for Land to Address the Climate and Ecological Emergencies is Being Used to Maximum Effect

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