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Tactical Group minutes 17 May 2019

Devon Climate Emergency Tactical Group minutes of meeting 17 May 2019
Download a PDF version of the minutes here.


Harry Barton, Natural Devon and Devon Wildlife Trust
Doug Eltham, Devon County Council (Chair)
Drew Powell, South Hams and West Devon Councils
Hugh McCann, University of Exeter
Andy Seaman, University of Exeter
John Golding, East Devon District Council


Alex Gandy, Dartmoor National Park Authority
Clare Reid, Exmoor National Park Authority
Justin Bear, Plymouth City Council
Sarah Higgins, North Devon District Council
David Eaton, Teignbridge District Council

Drafting the Devon Climate Declaration

Doug Eltham had circulated an early draft to the Group and had subsequently incorporated some comments from Hugh McCann and Andy Seaman into it. The conversation started around this revised draft, with each organisation identifying fundamental issues that would affect their ability to endorse it.

An instruction from the Response Group was to be sensitive to the fact that various organisations are setting different dates for decarbonisation in their own emergency declarations. It was concluded that the UN’s IPCC dates must be the absolute deadline, and the declaration then has to be worded to enable organisations/geographies that want to decarbonise faster to do so. Not all organisations have signed-up to the IPCC interim 2030 target – it was AGREED to leave this date in the declaration but draw the Response Group’s attention to it for them to discuss and make a final decision for recommendation to the individual member organisations.

ACTION: Harry Barton to draft an additional bullet point about agriculture and soil management and forward to Doug Eltham.

Next Steps

ACTION: Doug Eltham to incorporate all amendments into a fresh draft and circulate to the whole group.

ACTION: The group to provide further comments about fundamental issues via email by Monday (20 May) morning at 10am.

ACTION: Doug Eltham will circulate the final draft declaration to the Response Group ahead of its meeting on Wednesday 22 May.

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