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Success for Net Zero Visions Community Event

Thank you to everyone who came to the Net Zero Visions community event in Plymouth on Monday 18th July!

As part of the Net Zero Visions project, acclaimed professionals in animation, illustration, interactive games, and public murals are currently working with communities to produce positive ‘Visions’ of locations across Devon as carbon net-zero in 2050.

On Monday, interested communities met with some of the commissioned creatives, including illustrator, Philip Harris, games designer company, Mutant Labs, mural painter Dr Kate Crawfurd, and award winning animator Ashley Potter and team. Through this, attendees had the opportunity to see the animation storyboards and tech in progress, and feed more of their Visions into how their towns and villages should appear in the net-zero animation. They also saw the first completed large-scale mural (on the side of the Sustainability Hub).

The event was a chance to get valuable feedback on the project so far, ensuring the final Visions can truly encapsulate what a net-zero Devon looks like for each community.

Don’t forget that if you have your own Vision for a net-zero Devon in 2050, please send it on to us! See more details on the front page.

Sustainability Hub mural


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