Solar Together Devon

Solar Together Devon is one of DCE’s most recent projects, led by Devon County Council, the scheme is partnered by 10 of Devon’s planning authorities, who are all DCE partners. 

Devon’s householders have the chance to help the county become net-zero by joining DCE’s solar panel group-buying scheme.

Devon Solar Together, with group buying experts iChoosr Ltd, is offering homeowners the chance to buy high quality solar PV more cheaply than if they were buying alone.

Research by the University of Exeter shows that 19 per cent of all Devon’s carbon emissions are created by our homes, with more than half of those by grid-supplied electricity.  Installing solar panels will reduce the amount of grid-supplied electricity needed for powering our homes.

This scheme follows four similar projects run across the country last year which promise to deliver over 1,300 installations, saving an estimated 28,000 tonnes of carbon emissions from being produced.

Increasing solar PV on households will be an ongoing action to help Devon reach its net-zero targets.

Promotional poster for Solar Together Devon. Showing Solar Together green heart logo next to DCE logo. Underneath it encourages people to sign up without obligation.