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RSK Appointed to Develop Adaptation Plan

We are excited to announce that engineering and environmental consultancy RSK have been appointed to aid the development of the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Adaptation Plan. The appointment has been made possible by a successful bid to the Environment Agency for funding.

The Adaptation Plan is intended to help communities across the Southwest to better understand the risks their area might face in future, as climate change increasingly affects the UK. It will also help them to adapt to these changes by identifying the parties accountable for acting on particular climate impacts and actions communities can take themselves.

RSK will work with the Climate Impacts Group, who are responsible for assessing the impacts faced in the Southwest region and reviewing current levels of community preparedness for a warmer world. RSK’s appointment will help to further progress on the Adaptation Plan, including identifying priority actions for regional collaboration over the next five years, so the region can be better prepared to adapt to the consequences of climate change.

You can follow progress on the Adaptation Plan and the Devon Climate Emergency project as a whole via regular updates on social media, as well as by reading about how partners of the project are already taking action and signing up to our monthly newsletter.

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