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Block Two – Retrofit

Here are the presentations given to the retrofit stream of the Devon Climate Assembly who were focusing on the question: what would be the best ways of encouraging, or requiring, people to retrofit their homes, properties or business premises to reduce carbon emissions? The presentations below are in order of which they were given to the assembly. Click on the image to view the presentation on YouTube.

7th July

  1. Dr Dan Lash from the University of Exeter introduces the Devon Climate Assembly to retrofit and the possible solutions to encourage retrofit.

2. Kate Royston from Tamar Energy Community gives the Devon Climate Assembly an introduction to retrofit and how it looks in practice, in an average Devonshire house.

3. Ian Hutchcroft, member of the Net-Zero Task Force and retrofit expert, explores what actions on retrofit are already included in the Interim Devon Carbon Plan.

10th – 11th July

1. Nicola Corrigan introduces the Devon Climate Assembly to the existing financials support and incentives available for people to retrofit their houses.

2. Alastair Mumford explains to the Devon Climate Assembly the mechanisms and incentives available and suggests how local authorities could speed up retrofit.

3. Retrofit case study 1: a study by East Devon District Council to investigate the feasibility of financial incentives to encourage the uptake of energy efficiency measures.

4. Retrofit case study 2: an example from Uttlesford District Council in Essex of using planning permission to require residents to retrofit properties when extending.

5. Chris Greener from the South West Energy Partnership introduces the Devon Climate Assembly to the scale of the retrofit problem and ways to overcome it.

6. Doug Eltham, Environment and Sustainability Policy Officer at Devon County Council, recaps the retrofit evidence that the Devon Climate Assembly have received over the second weekend.

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