Our Response to the Devon Climate Assembly

This consultation was open from the 17th of March till the 14th of April 2022.

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1. What is the consultation about?   

The Devon Climate Emergency Partnership held a Climate Assembly last summer during which seventy randomly-selected individuals, representative of Devon’s population, were invited to discuss three of Devon’s key climate issues: onshore wind, transport and buildings.  

Over the past few months, the organisations of the Devon Climate Emergency partnership have been working together to respond to the Assembly’s recommendations, some of which are actions to include in the Devon Carbon Plan.   

This is your chance to say whether we, the Devon Climate Emergency partnership, have interpreted and responded to the Devon Climate Assembly’s resolutions reasonably and effectively. 

This consultation will help us to make sure that the additional actions we propose to add to the Devon Carbon Plan are fair, democratic and contribute to achieving Net-zero.  

View a summary of our proposed response to the Devon Climate Assembly.