What can my School do?


Teaching young people about the climate emergency and inspiring them to take climate action is crucial if we are going to achieve the cultural shift necessary to enable the transition towards net-zero. Climate change is going to affect the younger generations the most. Teaching children not only how to reduce their own carbon footprint, but also how to adapt to life on a warming planet, is essential to securing a healthy and prosperous future.

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, some of the suggested actions may need to be modified, run as a virtual event or postponed to ensure they comply with social distancing advice designed to keep you and our communities safe.

Looking for a 5 minute warmup?

Our latest video explains what the Devon Climate Emergency project is, and what we are working on.

UN Climate Conference


  • CUP26 – the biggest climate action game ever!
  • Green school assembly
  • Climate Leaders Tools
  • Short projects for infants, primary & secondary

Waste & Recycling


  • Recycle Devon
  • Greener Devon School Week Resources

Competitions & Awards

Resources & Information:

  • Generation Earthshot
  • Let’s go Zero 2030
  • Blue Peter Green Badge

Climate Conversations


  • Reboot the Future
  • Eco-anxiety resources
  • Transform Our World: Turning Anxiety into Action
  • Planet Action Toolkit