Be Energy Efficient


Most of our energy currently is generated from fossil fuels that contribute to climate change. Using energy more efficiently reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimises the amount of new renewable energy sources needed. Nearly a third of small businesses find the cost of energy a barrier to the growth and success of their business. Finding energy efficiency savings is the single best way of reducing these costs over the long-term.


Identify energy savings

The Devon Community Energy Partnership provides advice and support on energy efficiency for businesses. You can access their resources here.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change produced a guide for small and medium sized businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption. These ideas are relevant to all organisations. It covers everything from heating, lighting and equipment. The full guide can be accessed here.

The Carbon Trust provides a range of guides to help businesses identify opportunities to reach net-zero.

Roll out energy efficiency projects

Developing a business case for energy efficiency projects is equally important. Zero Waste Scotland have a comprehensive guide to do so.

Use Renewable Energy


Renewable energy from sources such as wind and solar does not emit any carbon emissions when it is generated, unlike energy from fossil fuels such as gas.

Photo Credit: Peggy Zinn


Switch to a renewable supplier

Follow Ofgem’s advice on switching your energy supplier. Most big energy suppliers now offer a renewable tariff, but not all renewable energy tariffs are the same.

Choose a supplier who can prove that all their renewable energy is either generated themselves or purchased directly from renewable generators.

Ask your supplier to show you where they get their renewable energy from. Have a look at this Which article on “How Green Is Your Energy Tariff?” or this article by the Energy Saving Trust which suggests some good suppliers

Install your own renewable energy

Go one step further and install renewable energy, like solar photovoltaic panels, on your buildings. The Devon Community Energy Partnership is a great source of advice and guidance. Friendly, local energy advisors can help you understand what’s right for your building. Or take a look at these advice leaflets from the Centre for Sustainable Energy.

Find an installer in your local area here by selecting ‘Renewable Energy Services/Installations’ from the drop down list.