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Organisations across Devon are taking action to tackle climate change. There is an enormous opportunity to reduce the carbon emissions from an organisation’s energy use, transport requirements, supply chain and consumer behaviour to name just a few. Financial savings, for example from using energy more efficiently, can be used to invest in staff and technology.

Actions by organisations have benefits for Devon beyond the direct reduction of climate change. For example, using renewable energy and electric vehicles will bring improved energy security to the southwest, creates new jobs and improves air quality.

We’ve compiled a list of actions your organisation can do to help address the climate emergency. 

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, some of the suggested actions may need to be modified.

Where to begin?

First, understand your organisation’s carbon footprint

Your organisation’s carbon footprint is a measure of the carbon emissions your organisation produces. Measuring it gives you a baseline from which to start reducing your organisation’s emissions.

Next, make your organisation’s carbon footprint smaller

Explore our tips below or take a look at the UK government’s Business Climate Hub for general information.

If you are manufacturing business, you may be eligible for free, direct support from SWMAS Make it Net-Zero programme.

The Low Carbon Devon project can provide support for businesses wishing to improve their buildings or develop innovative, low-carbon products.

In need of funding?

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