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Mobility and Travelling

Promote sustainable travel options for your members or for any events you run


68% of all car journeys taken across the UK are under 5 miles (and 23% are under 1 mile) and transport is one of the largest contributors to Devon’s carbon footprint. If you are running an event, encourage people to travel sustainability.

Man cycling in suit.
Photo Credit: Kit Harbottle. “Cycling the norm for short journeys – even in a suit.”


Travel Devon has a wealth of resources on how to easily cycle and travel more for shorter distances. For longer distances, it also has a lot of information on planning trips by public transport. Highlighting these resources to your participants or members could help them to adopt more sustainable options. If public transport is not an option, why not facilitate car sharing between participants – signpost them to Car Share Devon or to the Pasty Connection for SW based car sharing.

Tavistock Bus Station. 3 buses in distance of foreground.
Photo Credit: Kit Harbottle. Tavistock Bus Station

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