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You can filter the table below to view the latest progress on actions in the Devon Carbon Plan and in the Climate Adaptation Action Plan. 

As well as being presented monthly to the Devon Climate Emergency partnership, the progress reports are summited quarterly to the Devon Climate Task Force . The Task Force uses its specialist knowledge and experience to offer advice on and scrutiny of the implementation of both the Climate Adaptation Strategy and Devon Carbon Plan and to make recommendations to the partnership

 Going forward themes will be reported on twice a year and from now on all actions will be reported against, not just priority actions, as was initially the case. Themes that have been reported on so far are:

    • Built Environment (only priority actions)
    • Transport (only priority actions)
    • Economy and Resources (only priority actions)
    • Food, Land and Sea (only priority actions)
    • Energy 
    • Cross Cutting Themes 

The actions have been rated as either red, amber, green or completed:

🔴 [RED] = Not started or activity significantly limited.

🟠 [AMBER] = Progressing but geography or scope of implementation may be limited.  

🟢 [GREEN] = Generally progressing well.


Progress Report

Climate Adaptation Action Plan Progress

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