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Net Zero Visions Tiverton Mural Completed

As part of the Net Zero Visions project, one ‘Vision’ of Tiverton as net-zero in 2050 has been completed and is on display near the Tiverton Pannier Market.

The mural has been designed and painted by commissioned creative Kate Crawfurd as one of many Visions of what a future net-zero Devon could look like. It features sustainable ways of living including renewable energy solutions, eco-homes, sustainable travel, local produce and farming.

The aim is for these compelling, original Visions to raise awareness of the Devon Carbon Plan – the roadmap for how Devon will reach net-zero emissions by 2050 (at the latest) – and engage people in the process and possibilities of change. You can find out more about the Net Zero Visions project here.

People gather to mark the completion of the Net Zero Visions Tiverton mural


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