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Net-Zero Task Force minutes 11th October 2019

Devon Climate Emergency Net-Zero Task Force minutes 11th October 2019.
Download a PDF of the minutes here.


Sue Goodfellow (Vice-Chair)
Kerry Hayes
Laura Cardenas
Gill Westcott
Tim Jones
Hannah Lawrie
Ian Hutchcroft
Harry Bonnell
Iain Stewart
Nik Bowyer
James Shorten
Cornelia Guell
Doug Eltham (Devon County Council, Interim Project Manager)
Kirstie Pritchard (Devon County Council, Acting Project Manager during half-term)
David Beasley (Devon County Council, Media and Public Relations Officer)


Patrick Devine-Wright (Chair)
Ian Bailey

Process for the Operation of the Thematic Hearings

The Task Force designed a process for the operation of the thematic hearings, including the workings of a call for evidence, the topics of the hearings and which Task-Force members will lead on each hearing.

ACTION: Doug Eltham to capture the conversation in a draft proposal for comment by the Task Force.

ACTION: Task Force members to provide comment to Kirstie Pritchard by 3pm on 14th October 2019.

ACTION: Kirstie Pritchard to arrange for the final proposal to be circulated to the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group (DCERG) on the 15th October 2019 for their endorsement by the 18th October 2019.

ACTION: Kirstie Pritchard to arrange for the endorsed process to be published on the project website following the DCERG’s sign-off.

The Task Force discussed that the Devon Carbon Plan should focus on ‘system change’ issues which will allow the emerging district/city level plans and town/parish level plans to focus on more tactical issues. This will result in a hierarchy of concerted decarbonisation effort. The Task Force noted that witnesses will need to be drawn from all tiers of activity so as to understand what system change is necessary to enable local, rapid decarbonisation.

Next Steps

Confirm the dates and venues of the hearings

ACTION: Gill Westcott to coordinate a Doodle poll with Sue Goodfellow and Laura Cardenas to decide a date for the ‘Food, Land and Sea’ hearing.

ACTION: Kirstie Pritchard to coordinate Doodle polls, ideally avoiding Mondays and Fridays:
• With the co-chairs for the ‘Mobility’, ‘Buildings’ and ‘Energy Infrastructure and Waste’ hearings
• With all Task Force members to select two further dates in the week beginning 9th December 2019

ACTION: Kirstie Pritchard to confirm dates of hearings with venues.

Invite the witnesses to the hearings

ACTION: Task-Force members who have volunteered to co-chair a hearing are to decide by Monday 21st October which witnesses to invite to the hearing and advise Kirstie Pritchard who will subsequently send invitations.

ACTION: Kirstie Pritchard to draft text for the witness invitation and role description and circulate to the Task Force for sign-off by Monday 21st October. The role description will accompany the invitations.

Next Meetings

The next meetings are scheduled for 31st October 10 – 12 in Plymouth  and the 18th November 10 – 12.

Gill Westcott suggested the use of video conferencing (potentially Zoom) for the next meeting, and potentially for the thematic hearings, to enable dial-in participants to feel more engaged.

ACTION: Kirstie Pritchard to liaise with Ian Stewart regarding a room booking for the next meeting and arrange a video conferencing solution.

Any Other Business

Tim Jones suggested the Task-Force should compile a risk register. This was AGREED.

ACTION: Doug Eltham will draft an initial register and circulate ahead of the next meeting.

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