Community Mural Creation Toolkit

The Net Zero Visions Community Mural Creation Toolkit offers a practical hands-on introduction to creating a Net Zero Visions mural. This toolkit is designed to bring people together to work towards a sustainable, positive future for all.

A mural is a great way to share a positive vision of a net-zero future with a wider community – to raise awareness, communicate information, and show what is possible.

What message would you want to convey to people where you live? How can you embody that message in a mural?

View the free toolkit for information including how to fund your mural, considerations for community organisers and artists, and how to market your mural. You can also view other murals commissioned as part of the Net Zero Visions project here.

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In some ways a section like this could be very, very short. How to make your own Net Zero Vision? 

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