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More businesses sign the Devon Climate Declaration

wind turbines on green hills

Two new businesses have signed the Devon Climate Declaration to show the growing support for taking action!

Blue Sapphire Media, a digital services business based in Plymouth, and Co-Chargers, a platform that lets you share a EV charge point within your local community, have both signed to help Devon reach net-zero.

Co Charger is developing a community that helps to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Through their app, they enable people who cannot charge a vehicle at home, to do so within quick walking distance of their home. They’re establishing and growing local communities of Co Charger Hosts, enabling people in their immediate locality to charge electric vehicles.

Co Charger

Jasmine, CEO of Blue Sapphire Media, said:

“At Blue Sapphire Media our social and environmental impacts are important to us, and as these two topics are well interlinked, it is a step in a positive direction to recognise where we are as a business and how we can make changes to support a better, cleaner future.

Younger generations are learning how they can help the world, but the progress we are making is not quick enough. If we do not act much quicker then the actions those generations take will never be drastic enough to undo the damage we have caused; to our animals, to our health, to our home and to our earth. Signing this declaration is our promise, to take our awareness and act more proactively to offset our footprints”

Find out more about what Blue Sapphire Media are planning to implement.

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Does your business or organisation want to help Devon reach it’s net-zero targets? Sign the declaration below!

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